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Stay up to date on the latest news, healthcare services and community events from the Neighborhood Free Health Clinic.


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2021 Pandemic Year 2 in review

Healthy living has become more of a priority as this pandemic has continued.  Learn about our accomplishments and celebrations this year as we serve for the betterment of our community.

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2020 in Review

Despite the trials of this year, Neighborhood Free Health Clinic was able to take steps forward to better serve our community. Learn more about our work and progress.

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Thank you to volunteers who have extraord-inary impact on healthcare community

STOUGHTON, Wis., December 1, 2020 – This Giving Tuesday, Neighborhood Free Health Clinic thanks our volunteers for donating their time to ensure exceptional professional healthcare services are available to all. Our volunteers’ experience and dedication mean patients of Neighborhood Free Health Clinic receive the highest level of care.

Diabetic Foot Care Clinic August 20 4_30

The Neighborhood Free Health Clinic Offers Care for People with Chronic Illnesses

STOUGHTON, Wis., August 27, 2020 – The Neighborhood Free Health Clinic today announced it will be offering diabetic foot care clinics and blood pressure checks during the month of September to care for those with chronic illnesses.

Harvest Work

Free Health Care for Those in Need- Neighborhood Free Health Clinic in Stoughton

"Health Care is something weighing on many minds right now during this Pandemic, but it is weighing more in those who either don’t have Health Insurance at all or are not receiving enough coverage."



Our Doors are Open!

STOUGHTON, Wis. - June, 17, 2020 Neighborhood Free Health Clinic has reopened for in-person visits. Please call (608) 205-0505 to schedule an appointment.


Local Clergy Offer Support to Community

STOUGHTON, Wis. - April 14, 2020 Local clergy have come together to support the spiritual wellbeing of community members. Contact with requests.


Free Clinic Moves to Phone, Email Consultations 

Renee Hickman | Unified Newspaper Group | Mar 24, 2020

"Stoughton’s Neighborhood Free Health Clinic is closed for in-person consultations amid concerns over the spread of COVID-19.

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